Friday, July 15, 2011

My Walls Rhyme Not

My walls rhyme not

My adjective’s untidy order swim upstream lazily

Insanity screams in happy colors in warm waves of cold slaps

My walls unrhyme from our vocabulary family reunion at Loneliness Junction where voices are free verse taunts of nervous laughter

Upstream my adjectives bleed in bear’s mouths

Orange drives me crazy

No rhyme or reason

The color of my mental state’s flag at half-mast upsidedown-all-bunchedtogether

Alone with my loneliness we listen in corners orange

My walls rhyme not


flaubert said...

Henry, orange drives me crazy too, but I love this poem.


Anonymous said...

"My walls rhyme not"

LOVE this line!!! {and orange drives me insane, too} this is an AMAZING poem, Henry! love it! dani

Dave King said...

Brilliant. An exciting take on a difficult subject.

Susannah said...

"My walls unrhyme from our vocabulary family reunion at Loneliness Junction where voices are free verse taunts of nervous laughter"

So much can be read into this! - I thought it was wonderful! :-)

Anonymous said...

This was ecstatic!!
Orange is a crazy shade...but, this work of yours tickles the right rhythm!! My walls rhyme not...that was a challenging attempt! Perfect..

Philip Thrift said...

Orange walls drive me crazy too!

Unknown said...

With well-timed line breaks and finely tuned diction you've conveyed a sense of anxiety and feeling 'jangled." Really well done, Henry.

Mary said...

Ah, Henry, I get it. My walls rhyme not either, and right now I could care less! There is always tomorrow.

Eclipse said...

A brilliant line Henry....Great write.

Ella said...

Well Done, such powerful imagery, so expressive~

Elizabeth said...

Love the line "voices are free verse taunts of nervous laughter". Like that you found a color to express those feelings. Good one, Henry,


Lolamouse said...

Your walls may not rhyme but they speak brilliantly! I love this one!!!

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