Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love - You Lie

Jamie Beck

Love’s illusion,
    Lie’s seclusion.
Smoke’s reflection,
    Mirror’s detection.
Truth’s confusion,
    Heart’s contusion.

Red lips moist
    whisper names.
Brown eyes hide
    mascara’s aim.
Beauty spins
    roulette’s round game.

Shattered glass reeks of rum.
Starving crows eat stale crumb.
Empty pools curse noon sun.

Love lies.
Smoke hides.
Mirror cries.
Truth dies.
Heart sighs.

Deceitfulness is a beauty I cannot tame.
Why even try?
    you lie.


Brian Miller said...

excellent one shot the staccato summation,,,the last couple lines almost a sigh of their own...

Jo Bryant said...

Stunning - absolutely stunning. :0

Claudia said...

this goes bam - bam - bam and i agree with bri at the last lines...somehow reminds me of the eminem rihanna song "love the way you lie"

Kavita said...

Oh..and you certainly didn't, Henry!
Your honesty was very well translated into this very fine poem here...

I like your take on love, and I "love" your way with words... no lies about that one!! :)

Eclipse said...

An excellent write, Henry! I absolutely loved it.

thingy said...

I agree. This goes, pow! Terrific.

lori said...

I love the line, "empty pools curse noon sun" and I like how the words keep rolling as I read :)

Peggy Nolan said...

Incredibly the rhythm of the words, and the message that we can all get lost in the lure of the lie.

Orange said...

Love... lies, deceit... the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves... lovely poem... thanks for sharing:)

Kim Nelson said...

The rat-a-tat pace and respective rhyme schemes provide mood and meaning, along with ideal diction. Heavy with emotion, this one soars.

Helen said...

Brutal in its honesty ... great write!

Brownpaperbaggirl said...


Jingle said...


Victoria said...

As others have said, I love the flow of this. At this point in life, I'm learning that life's journey is about shattering illusions. BTW, I was so close to choosing your story/poem as story of the week for Bluebell Books. It was just superb. For my tastes I would have gone with it but went with something light since it was for children. It was so good, Henry.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Terrific images in this one. I found it fast paced and exciting. Great writing!

Randy Behavior said...

I enjoyed this Henry. Sometimes prefer the lie to the truth.

Olivia said...

Brown eyes hide mascara’s aim

Very well woven Henry!! Awesome way to say.. Love, you do lie..

hugs xox

Anonymous said...

I loved this! Awesome style, very cool

Christine said...

bravo, wonderful again

signed...bkm said...

Nice work bring much to your work with living and experiencing the world from various points of view....and now in Montreal...a wonderful adventures life...thank you so much for your vists...blessings..bkm

Anonymous said...

as i read the words seem to pick up speed and cascade down to the edge of a waterfall...

"Deceitfulness is a beauty I cannot tame.
Why even try?
you lie."

oooh, i love that! stunning! stunning! stunning!

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Great rhythm and rhyme.

William Leed said...

Thought provoking poem. Beauty certainly is the challenge we accept and the gamble we endure.
-William Leed-

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