Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Suspended (One Shot Wednesday) & (carry on tuesday)

Sarah Joncas (my fav)

My heart may be pounding fast
but I won’t scream for help;
falling head first
from unknown heights,
to unknown depths.

I am in a poem,
created by a writer who relives dark themes,
but he doesn’t create them.

I don’t think he wants me to suffer or die,
he’s seen too much of that.

Maybe he is just trying to create that last thought of a dying woman plunging to her death for no apparent reason?

This fine piece of art offers no detail of back story or conclusion.
Just a woman in a red dress calmly falling.

He won’t create beyond what he sees.
He interprets.
I feel safe in his mind,
suspended in thought.

Don’t fret over me,
I am in safe hands.

He’s allowing me to do all the talking,
I will live,
and you will see me again,
I promise.
If I stop talking
He will die,
Or move on.
Until then,
Here I am.

I have done so little,
But have so much to do.
He needs my help.

I’m sure I will be a study of peril again, soon,
but he won’t let me die.
He’s seen too much of that.

No tragedy here.
Just a thought he can’t let go.

I’m merely a tear
he refuses to cry.

A suspended tear with no splash.

A poetic time out.

Monday, May 30, 2011

No Fear (potluck)

Stalking darkness
Billowing freight
Angry carpet rolls ‘cross light
Blow and huff
Rant and rage
Flash and roar
Give your best performance
On my field-like stage

I’ll spin and swirl and dance in waves
Of thankful expectation
There is no fear of you in me
I love your demonstration.

Just make sure before you quit and fade away to mist
You share your rain upon my hair and leave me with a kiss

I love the way my golden soul
Contrasts your blackened heart.
And how your evil face of scars
Enables me to grow.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Pacemaker (poetry pantry 51)

Evening horizon appears bruised.
Sunlight slithers off, silently.
Darkness creeps, cougar-like,
Crisp shadows chill skin.

And then,

Eyes erupt, silence shatters, tear’s heave.
Sheet of paper, official, type written,
Trembles in hand,
Rattling, snake-like, after a strike,
Fangs moist, blood stained.

Frightful words, venomous,
Surge though veins,
Numb arms, throat,
Breath paralyzed,
Death stalks heart.

Collapsed to dust,
Curl in ball,
Frail, tumbleweed-like,
Wind rushes by.
Pray to roll away, roll away
Swoosh along prairie flat
To wherever tumbleweeds go.

But I lay like a stone;
A headstone,
Marking the end of my life.

My Johnny
Won’t be marching
Home again.

And then,

A little heart renewed life.
I imagined it no bigger than Johnny’s,
When his mother,
Probably dancing with him now,
First told me he was coming.
Being a father was a good thing,
Back then.

The medal dangled from a ribbon,
Wide purple with thin white stripes,
Heart shaped, bordered with Heaven’s gold.
On the front,
George Washington’s profile in a sea of purple,
On the back,
“For Military Merit.”

It felt cool in my fist.
I clenched it,
Trying to find life,
A reason,
A power.
A hope.
The beginning of a prayer.

And then,

I squeezed the medal so hard
My palm bled.
I looked.
I gasped.
I gazed.
I knew.

I sensed a breeze, warm.
A voice, I didn’t notice on the prairie.
With each wisp of wind, I heard,
“I Know,”
Reminding me, “I know.”
Every time the wind blew, a whisper,
“I know.”

I saw, I listened, I survived.

Johnny’s body stopped a bullet streaking for an Afghan girl;
A county’s future.
I wear the Purple Heart with pride,
Pinned over my own;
My pacemaker.

And now,

I leave the prairies to the tumbleweeds.
I spend a lot of time in the mountains,
Me and wind,
Standing on a great granite rock,
Taking turns
“I know.”

Palpable Park (Single Impression 170)

Luiza Vizoli

Hands touched,
skin and skin,
mine and hers,
eternal spark.

Palpable Park breathed life,
kaleidoscopic spectrums exploded,
fresh light filtered prism; set free.

Heart’s eyes perceived
rainbow leaves,
stained glass grass,
burying doubt beneath expressed reflections
of blue skies

the colorful chorus of truth.

We faded in the manifest presence
of love.

Trance (Haiku Heights 45)

By Matilde Caceres-Zelinger

Subconscious layers,

Fragmented thought united.

Eyes close, mind ignites.

I Hear Her Now (Sunday Photography)

Photo by Scott Wyden

I remember now.

Her voice
Echoed weakly
Floated like a loose feather
On crisp currents
Of steep concrete canyon walls.

Her song
Skipping like a scratched record
Between a sliver of blue
Of steep concrete canyon walls.

Her words
Pained pleadings
Fluttered faintly
Flying like a blind falcon
Through swirling winds
Of steep concrete canyon walls.

The leap
Falling like lone confetti
Amid silent parades
Of steep concrete canyon walls.

The echo
A haunting
Lingered lastly
“Doesn’t anybody care?”
Staining red the street
Of steep concrete canyon walls.

I hear her now.
Just an echo.

Her death
Thundering kettle drums
Crashing cymbals
To silence.

The symphony
My soul.

In the cavernous
Concrete canyon walls
I ignored
An echo.


God forgive me.

I hear her now.

Below the Haze (Wordle 6)

Leaves of green mourn in black
Cry alone in fire’s rash
Striding fast are foxes red
Tails burning flee their bed

Fire hungry monster glut
Fallen firs choke in soot
Twilight glows ember ash
Wind whispers evil laugh

Against the sky’s smoky craze
Planets pray above the haze
Against the spread of blazing dead
Afraid of cancer’s cinder spread

Dreams Between (Sunday Scribble 269)

Dreams soar free in colors high
Waves of hope fly and glide
Far above
Rocky cold
Jagged cries
Of glacier why

Slicing low of winter’s gray
Swirling storm of icy rain
Flocks of dreams
Squeeze between
Heaven’s mirror
Of mountain’s rage

Saturday, May 28, 2011

That's What I Read (games)

I read the newspaper at day's break
A young boy
Big smile
Toothy … some spaces
Stuck a ten point buck
With bow and arrow
From fifty feet
Quite a feat
I thought
Fifty feet
Bow and arrow
A young lad’s nerves
Striking a blow
Through a fleet
Deer’s heart
He tracked him for an hour …
The story read

I thought …
Not reading …
Just thinking … pondering … imagining
The buck was strong
Bled for 60 minutes
Frantic through woods and thicket
Gasping breaths
Finally collapsing
A crash of stunned … exhausted carcass
On coldish grass … next to a cool stream
Between a pine … tall and lean
And a greenish bush
At dusk
Panting …
Tongue straining … to reach
The cool brook … stained in sunset red
Lapping a final taste
Snorting his last
An arrow in heart, broken
Dead …

I wasn’t reading … just wondering

I cut the picture of the boy and the buck out of the Daily Gazette
I wanted to place it in my Bible
But …
I didn’t know where
I just knew it was significant … in some way …
It must have been exciting
I was thinking … again
For the teen
Like David or Jonathan
I’m sure they hunted
Were skilled
And celebrated
A kill … and feasted
Until they parted …
But … I felt a kindred sadness
For the deer
Bountifully alive … fellowshipping with creation … one minute
Then … suddenly
Struck with fear(ish) pain … the next
Followed by … silence
All in 60 minutes …
I’m sure they …
The teen’s family … said grace
Ate the venison … back strap first … of course … the most tender
And froze or gave away the rest …
The buck
Didn’t die in complete vain
He fed them …
The hunters
I didn’t read that
Just pondered

In my half-buttoned safari jacket pocket
I placed my worn, smooth black leather Bible
We were the first at the veterinarian’s office
My Lassie and I
It was a cool autumn morning … shadows were shrinking though
She was ill … that one kind of ill … a final ill
An aged friend
Panting in my arms
She didn’t weigh as much …
Anymore …
We should have been on the river
But …
I handed my friend to my friend
The doc
He tried to smile … failed … but tried
I followed them to the back
And opened my Bible
Page 857
I had it marked with the picture of the boy and that deer
From the Gazette
I had read when the shadows were longer
I thought about the buck
He did not fear the arrow …
But that he would not make it back … to the brook
One last … time
That’s what I pondered …
And when Lassie lay on the cool
Of the table
In the back
She licked my hand
I whispered in her ear … loud enough for both of us to hear
“… You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,
Nor the arrow that flies by day … “
That’s what I read …

Monday, May 23, 2011

Protector (Wordle 5)

Yellow warning flares surrender beneath the flight of gathered angels.

Rearranged risk dismantled at hill’s crest.           

A window frame of golden armor protects,
defies absolute,
lulls intent.

Tragedy waned by the utter of Providence,
“Not today.”

Mayhem takes flight,
my life spared.

Can you see my protector standing there?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wait (HH#44 solitude)

Photo by Joe McNally

Hope feels morn's quick pulse

Sharp brisk light slices dark thin

Bride's lone shadow grows

Grace: A Place of Solitude (HH#44)

I've seen the darkness
At the end of the tunnel
And I turn

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dance (fri poetically)

Chidi Okoye

Battle forefront rages
Blazing fires
Flame lit smoke
Framed in
Swirling darkness.

The general
Atop his steed
Sword drawn
Peers rearward
O’er squared shoulders
Toward the dawn.

The moment
Captured on canvas
For eternity.

His love’s eyes flash
Like twin suns
Through the throng
Of faceless patrons
In the art gallery.

She poses in silence
Gloved hands clasped
Eyes fixed
On the distance
Her cheek damp
With one lone tear.

Two separate paintings
Of a final second
Hang on opposite walls.

The General
A moment before death.

His love
A last glimpse
Of her strength.

At night
Ceiling security lights
Create circles
On tiled floor
In the quiet
Empty room.

A Spark
A twinkle
A sprinkle
Of golden dust
Floats from above
To glittered floor.

The general
Dressed in stiff
White shirt
And creased
Black pants
Sheaths his sword
Alights from his stallion
And stands tall
In shinny black boots.

His love
Steps from wooden frame
Straightens flowing
Blue gown
Her smile broadens
A white gloved hand
Wipes the wetness
From powdered rosy cheek.

The General waits
In the light
For his love
Who reaches for his
Scarred hand.

He gently kisses
Her fingers
As he draws her close.

The General
And his love
Dance and twirl
Hearts beating
Lips quivering as they
Step and move
To the melody
Of their love.

The General’s lips
Whisper gently
Softly in his
Love’s ear
“Tell me again
Of your prayer
As I rode to my
Final battle.”

His love’s eyes
As her breath
Speaks in their
“I prayed
To Dance with you
Once again.”

“And you
My love
Your thoughts
As you glanced
Back towards
The dawn.”

The General
Kisses her cheek
And pulls her
Nearer to his heart.
“To dance once more
With my love.”

In the morning
A broom
The mysterious
Gold dust.

The General
Gazes back
At the dawn.

Across the gallery
His love
Prays for
One last dance.

“Until tonight,”
The General
“Until tonight”
His love responds.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Freebie for the Bean


No evil

Fear no evil

Shall fear no evil

I shall fear no evil

Even in wonderland

I am not alone

I am not

I am

  Shall fear no evil

Blowin' Cold (Poetry Potluck)

Brief breaths
Swirling red haze
Hendrix’s fogged Hat
Reveal eyebrows raised
Smacked upside down riffs
Rainbow chords in clouds
A rainy day
Free verse brain

Janis injects transparency
Veins bleed clear soul juice
Moanin’ at midnight

Cold winds blow Too soon
Before noon
Shadows grow
All along the watchtower’s
Ball and chain
Wind cries mary
And bobby mcgee
Brief breaths
Blowin' cold
Too soon


Too soon

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Since (poets rally 44)

I haven’t smiled

But today

I feel wind blowing
          a new

Rusty weathervanes squeak as they turn
Colorful kites soar over unfamiliar park trees
Fisherman, baffled, walk to the sunlit side of the pond, to cast
The cautious buck pokes his horned crown out from bristly brush
A red stained wren sings a song solely for newly opened windows

I feel wind blowing
          a new

Though my eyes still ache when touched by sunlight
I clearly see a narrower path, now revealed
As giant firs drop their arms in homage to the keeper of wind
I smell the aroma of pine sap; tears of joy from the forest that once only whispered its secret in soft night breezes

Though I woke
In the wake
            of yesterday’s


I sense wind blowing
              a new

I smile
For the first time

POET RALLY 44 WINNERS: http://promisingpoetscafe.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/the-perfect-poet-award-4-rally-week-44/

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Soul Tanka (3 word wed)

Of swords long sharp face

Of rifles rapt refusal

A warrior’s soul

Blood red strength brandished weapon

Managing his soul prospers

 art by: Dennis Knecht 

Colorful Souvenirs (One Shot Wed. #46

I’ll be in jail
Because of my skin’s

Police are on their way
My pastor tipped me off
He was upset.

I’m waiting in a black suit
Black tie
Black shoes and socks.

Just left a gravesite
The funeral was overcast
Blackish storm clouds swirled above
Umbrellas were black
Sunglasses darker.

A young black boy was dead
Shot by another black boy
On a darkened street
In the “black” part of town.

Both boys attended my Sunday school class one summer
We bussed them in
An outreach to the less fortunate black kids.

They were smart
Liked to laugh
Cherished the bibles I gave them to carry home
To the “black” part of town.

I remember their smiles
Getting off the
And I turned and drove back
To the less “black” part of town.

After that summer
We all went back
To being …

Except they were in the “black” part of town
And I
In the less “black” part of town.

I took a trip to Ghana that autumn
Helped at a school
Brought home colorful
Souvenirs …

All the flowers at the funeral had no roots
(The ones that weren’t plastic arranged to look real)
Just clipped stems
Stuck in glass vases.

Not one whole plant
Root, stem, bloom.

The flowers were delivered
And will soon die
At the gravesite.

The police are here
I’ll be charged with arson
I burned our church bus on my way

Pastor didn’t understand.

Five Haikus (Magpie 66)

If my brain exposed
its inner matter revealed
would look like worn books

Roses warm my soul
Magnolia’s sweet smell smiles
But old books, scent breath

Sacrilegious dust
and master’s words never touch
in my library

Wisdom weeps on bookshelves
Orphans pleading to be picked
Know me, love me, please

So you want new ink?
Baby’s name needs company?
Word tattoos your soul.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Love's Not a Dream (Poetry Potluck)

Thomas C. Fedro
It’s not stars
drawing your heart to castle walls height,
misting bathe of full moon’s light.

Or wisp of breeze,
whispering please,
lulling you from maiden’s bed
to wake and search and wonder.

my love draws smooth
across strings of shadows
below your gaze,
and archers aim
from safety
outside fortress iron.

You’ll be the Queen
on castle walls;
I the rhythm of your dream,
in shadows gray and lost.

May we meet
Heart to heart
With full moon’s light
In between, plenty and want.

Until then,
I play my strings,
Love’s not a dream
To me.

Eternal-ized (Single Impression)

Peter Dranitsin

I saw us hanging on a wall
In public

A last moment

Our reoccurring last kiss

Time’s swirling clouds of collapse
Swallow memories
Of jets and buildings
And your desk
On the 70th floor

I still feel your
Soft whisper,

I saw us hanging on a wall
In public

I cried

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surrender (Sunday Scribblings)

Julia Ranson

I wave a white flag
    bloodied by knives in my spine
Even you, Brutus

On That Day (Poetry Pantry)

By Betty Henderson

Live life my lovely lady on that day,
When black is worn and shovels turn fresh ground;
I scribe, stand strong, allow our sons to play.

Old men in suits with books are bound to pray,
Lanterns will dim and light will not be found;
Live life my lovely lady on that day.

Young saints still wet with words will warn to reign,
Your ears will hear it’s time to keep kids bound;
I scribe, stand strong, allow our sons to play.

For you, my wife, you’ll want your hair to gray,
Don’t let cold grief silence our children’s sound;
Live life my lovely lady on that day,
I scribe, stand strong, allow our sons to play.

With ink and feathered quill I fight for life,
Not mine, you see, but yours and Luke’s and Paul’s;
Don’t buy the lie I died and stole your light.

With string and skin and twigs I built a kite,
It needs to fly in sunlit days of fall;
With ink and feathered quill I fight for life.

Don’t veil your heart and lose our hope of flight,
Remember sure the power of our call;
Don’t buy the lie I died and stole your light.

Some eyes will moist and yours might wish to cry,
I write my prayer for strength where boys stretch tall,
With ink and feathered quill I fight for life;
Don’t buy the lie I died and stole your light.

I scribe, stand strong, allow our sons to play;
Live life my lovely lady on that day.

Tattoo(less) Behind (Wordle 4)

Painting by Judy Sprano

I hide well
above brackish water
in a brick bridge house
with ivied smoking chimney
in the English Lakes District
alone with my crowd of fire   stoking psychosis
slurping rural textured walls   with my muse
spanning the salty inlet
of my disguise.

I’ve substituted
the infusion of brandishing toxins of “The Dream,”
now filtered
through my hideaway of bridge dwelling bohemianism ,
and eke an existence
to stop the world from tattooing
“sucker” on my arse.

And I speak prose into existence
in the English Lakes district,
alone with my selves
and tattoo(less) behind .

NOTE:  The prompt for this "poem" was a collection of words called a wordle at "A Whirl of Wording Sundays."

Ocean City Poet (One Stop- picture prompt)

Photo by Fee Easton

Lost on a desert island,
wind shaped dunes,
two battered skiffs
on vanilla beach
of finely crushed stone.

The sea,
brilliant blue,
gently rising,
as it breathes.

The sand,
singing solo in offshore winds,
clean shaven and barren,
searing sun
and gentle waves.

The survivors,
tattered Khaki pants,
white sweat-stained shirts,
tattooed crosses,
on reddened skin ...

“Enough, Judith, can’t we ever just come to the beach?  This is Jersey for crying out loud.”

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My First Haiku: Clarity Heals

Thomas C. Fedro

Mahogany blush
Sunset whispers through stained glass
Clarity's presence

The prompt this week at Haiku Heights is HEAL

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mist of Mint (Wordle 3)

Tom Fedro http://www.verybigart.com/thomasfedro.html

She breathes a mist of mint on my lips
Want slides, pushing aside pride
Conscious is released, clocks out, turns its head

Mists of mint
Supersedes tugs of guilt
Evaporation of resist is quick
A flooding river in reverse

Mists of mint
Release sweat
Tiny drops of water wet my unbuttoned shirt
Seaweed handcuffs tickle
Just right, then too tight

Mists of mint
Left me for dead
On the shore of white sand and black stones
Bruises of shame embroidered my neck

She breathes a mist of mint

Pearl's Song (Big Tent)

Barren wombs
Strung as one long string of lies

Rolling fears
Crying blooms 
Flood as one long wave of pain

Come back home
My old friend
Leave his turquoise dreams alone

Allow your soul
to breathe again
Jump the fishbowl of his hold

Seed-like hopes
Tied with ropes
Pull you straight back home to us

Tearful pleas
Crying please
Give you strength to find your way

You're a pearl, Pearl.  Come back home where pearls of white are true. You're not a goldfish anymore.

NOTE:  This is the last prompt from Big Tent Poetry.  We each were to supply lines from some of our older poems and list them.  Then we were to pick one or two to use as this week's prompt.  I used a part of a line from Irene, "My dreams are the color of turquoise."  Haven't been involved with Big Tent long, but I have enjoyed them.. Thank you.

Walk Away (inspired by Surviving Picasso)


Why shocked?

Expecting diamonds,
a jeweled crown,

No tiaras here, only
burlap sacks of unused respect you wear on hips and under eyes;  gravity doesn’t lie, here.

Wrinkles too, etched with rough charcoal truths;
it’s not pretty at dusk, under swirling gray clouds,
in shadows, alone.

Welcome to the Minotaur’s labyrinth,
wasted cubed objects of consumed passion;
as if you didn’t know.

But come near,
feel cold glass,
read my bloodless lips,
listen to yourself,

Walk away.

Walk away.

Walk away.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Effects of Light (One Shot 45)


Death by drowning,
even beneath Monet’s
floating water lilies - white,

beautifully disguise
death’s pale grasp;
submerged in muck
of old duck bones and turtle dung,

in channeled currents veiled from
the effects
of light.

Life by breathing,
even below Van Gogh’s
starry nights,

hauntingly mask
insanity’s surreal grasp
in reflected heaven’s - dark,
of slashing comets and dying suns

in mirrored orbits veiled from
the effects
of  light.

Be Not Stone (Mag 65)

Feathers of stone cannot soar
Hands of stone help no poor
Eyes of stone see no need
Lips of stone sing no psalm
Ears of stone hear no cry
Hands of stone plant no seed
Hearts of stone know no love

Help me please
Be not stone

Monday, May 9, 2011

Orange Butterflies

Butterflies of black wings dipped orange in flight
Flutter high on breeze push pillows white
A half open window blows curtains blue
Harmonica’s lament leak tears in tune

Lover’s lies of wrongs sing loud goodbyes
Mother sighs at songs sung soft and cries
A half open window blows curtains blue
Iridescent events hearts beg aren’t true

But prayerful wings
Fond of orange butterflies
Cured blindness with love
From a new Father’s eye
And mothers don’t cry
Blue curtains stay dry
Because of prayerful wings
Fond of orange butterflies

Basketballs of young dreams deflate at night
Left alone in blindness no father’s sight
A half open window blows curtains blue
Ephemeral moments short lived like dew

Windows stay shut at our old home these days
Blue curtains catch dust grow mildew and fade
It’s quiet outside where a lad once wept
Listening to lyrics with sad intent

But prayerful wings
Fond of orange butterflies
Cured blindness with love
From a new Father’s eye
And basketballs bounce high
Blue curtains stay dry
Because of prayerful wings
Fond of orange butterflies

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Stephen Lucas

If I bled I still loved you,
Would you believe me?

I have no other question,
No other concern,
I don’t need to know if you care
About me


Would you take time to look in my eyes,
Venture beyond lies,
Broken ties,
And try?

Could you journey passed whys of winter,
Barren and cold,
Windy and dry,
And see me,
Standing here,
On a freakishly summer-like May day
Saying - bleeding
I love you?

Could you hear those words
From my lips?

Could you feel me?

See my truth?

Would you believe me?

Morning's Best

First kiss of morning:

Blinds drawn,
                    doors closed,

Coffee machine,

Night clothes,

       red quilt warm.

Lips soft,
              slightly swollen.

Tan lines sharp,
                       coconut scent .

Blue eyes blink slowly,
                                   ocean shallows,
                                                           r i p p l e (less).

Lone blonde curl,

Whispered smile,
                           flavors sweet,

First kiss of morning.

I'm Just a Man (Recording Experiment ... I can't sing)

I am in the mood to change my tree to a cubic version.