Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Suspended (One Shot Wednesday) & (carry on tuesday)

Sarah Joncas (my fav)

My heart may be pounding fast
but I won’t scream for help;
falling head first
from unknown heights,
to unknown depths.

I am in a poem,
created by a writer who relives dark themes,
but he doesn’t create them.

I don’t think he wants me to suffer or die,
he’s seen too much of that.

Maybe he is just trying to create that last thought of a dying woman plunging to her death for no apparent reason?

This fine piece of art offers no detail of back story or conclusion.
Just a woman in a red dress calmly falling.

He won’t create beyond what he sees.
He interprets.
I feel safe in his mind,
suspended in thought.

Don’t fret over me,
I am in safe hands.

He’s allowing me to do all the talking,
I will live,
and you will see me again,
I promise.
If I stop talking
He will die,
Or move on.
Until then,
Here I am.

I have done so little,
But have so much to do.
He needs my help.

I’m sure I will be a study of peril again, soon,
but he won’t let me die.
He’s seen too much of that.

No tragedy here.
Just a thought he can’t let go.

I’m merely a tear
he refuses to cry.

A suspended tear with no splash.

A poetic time out.


Anonymous said...

I loved the rhyme and the flow in the first para itself...!
'I am in safe hands..' Love the feel here!
'But have so much to do.' So true! Perfect pause..
..and all that ends to be a 'tear'!! You are such an amazing poet!

Mary said...

Henry, I like your poem a lot. These words resonate with me. And I would say: Me too!

"I am in a poem,
created by a writer who relives dark themes,
but he doesn’t create them."

I am happy to be following your bloG.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

I love the idea of being in a poem. And the falling head first image is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love "a suspended tear with no splash" - absolutely adore!

Brian Miller said...

i think all writers find themselves in the loops of emotion and past realtionships revisiting them again and again as we draw forth our characters...and yes sometimes we need to take a time out from poetry and or writing...i am feeling that a bit right now...

Natasha said...

Henry...though this was a freakin' brilliant write! The image is amazing, and your words added take it to another level entirely. I've been living life suspended for a few years now...and am so ready to hit the ground running :) Needless to say, I will take this piece with me today, and share and share alike! Thanks for this (and for keeping the tree!)

Claudia said...

..A suspended tear with no splash..love this henry..we're creating all kinds of feelings and falling with our words and i can much identify with your poem because 90% of my writing is catharsis..i let the words live and do for_me what tears would do, those i refuse to cry..

hedgewitch said...

The picture-person comes to life and death, or just the exploration of death, the ties between what we see and say and write and what we are. Great twist and tons of human condition wrapped up in "..If I stop/talking/He will die,/Or move on./Until then,/Here I am."

Excellent ekphrasis.

Ann Grenier said...

Yes, life is a poem; we are suspended. It is the only analysis that works. I like the idea of being safe in his mind, suspended in thought. Another wonderful poem Henry.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of being suspended in a poem, and written from that point of view!!!

Anonymous said...

This is kind of funny...!
Hey, fun to see you, Becca Givens from WordPress!

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Very creative. ;-) love that the thought is suspended in time.

awitchtrying said...

Very nice. I like this idea, the way you worked with the picture. I find it difficult to do that, to write from a picture. It comes, most often, from things I can't seem to not write. Thanks for sharing!

Olivia said...

A suspended tear with no splash...
A time out then.. a poetic one..?

This is as wonderful as it could be...
Liked what you wrote.. deep n detailed!
very well composed!
hugs xxxx

Whitesnake said...

Creative and different

I'm Just a Man (Recording Experiment ... I can't sing)

I am in the mood to change my tree to a cubic version.