Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blowin' Cold (Poetry Potluck)

Brief breaths
Swirling red haze
Hendrix’s fogged Hat
Reveal eyebrows raised
Smacked upside down riffs
Rainbow chords in clouds
A rainy day
Free verse brain

Janis injects transparency
Veins bleed clear soul juice
Moanin’ at midnight

Cold winds blow Too soon
Before noon
Shadows grow
All along the watchtower’s
Ball and chain
Wind cries mary
And bobby mcgee
Brief breaths
Blowin' cold
Too soon


Too soon


Ella said...

I loved how it flowed; I am reading the book, "Just Kids". You captured the come hither era~

Marian said...


Judith C Evans said...

Each phrase blends so well with the next phrase. I really enjoyed reading this, and especially like "Brief breaths blowin' cold too soon" -- beautiful!

tarunima said...

really enjoyed reading this:))

Mary said...

This poem leaves me with an eerie feeling, Henry. Well done. I'm now following your blog.

Marian said...

came back to look again & i dig that font, it totally goes!
hey henry? can i make a suggestion? chicks with bad eyes like mine find it hard to read white on black. wanna read your delicious words and they kinda swim around on the screen. just saying.

Elizabeth said...

Henry, this rolls with the music of memory. Like your choices of voices and sounds. Great capture of listening,


Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Loved your thoughts back to those sadly gone talents.
All gone too soon, but all remembered.


HyperCRYPTICal said...

Those were the days my friend.

Anna :o]

Jinksy said...

Id give it the title 'Breathe Breeze' :)

thingy said...


thingy said...

Oh, title. 'Cafe Leaning.'

Jingle Poetry said...


Jingle said...

fantastic flow.

mindsinger said...

I was never into Woodstock music but I like your poetry! You have a brash, no-nonsense style that reverberates though your words.

Anonymous said...

Reaching far back there ... but timeless nonetheless ... nicely done!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love Bobby Mcgee this is really cool

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