Monday, May 23, 2011

Protector (Wordle 5)

Yellow warning flares surrender beneath the flight of gathered angels.

Rearranged risk dismantled at hill’s crest.           

A window frame of golden armor protects,
defies absolute,
lulls intent.

Tragedy waned by the utter of Providence,
“Not today.”

Mayhem takes flight,
my life spared.

Can you see my protector standing there?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! 'My protector standing there...' Caught me right there...The feel is haunting and yet enticing...:) Gr8 work..Is that your painting?? Amazing..

vivinfrance said...

You've made the most of some tricky words. The last line is perfect.

Mary said...

Excellent, Henry! I really enjoyed the 'story' you made of this collection of words. "Not today" indeed!

flaubert said...

Nicely wordled, Henry.


Mr. Walker said...

Henry, you set up those last two stanzas beautifully - and they are amazing.


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