Friday, May 6, 2011

!Mes Fesses (Friday Poetically)

Defiance by Jeanne Anthony

Summer sun creeps over whining trees with sibilant spray of sizzle
Sussurrate wisps sift weary limbs searching moisture
Scorched grass crackles in flat despairing notes
Hissing air escapes roots begging mercy
Shadows are worthless blotches of muffled cries

Summer southern comfort
!Mes fesses
Pardon my French


Brian Miller said...

lots of great Ss...makes this a slippery suculant success...ha. sounds hot though...

LeahJ.Lynn said...

short but detailed.

Anna :o] said...

Lovely! Are you a tree lover too?

Anna :o]

Pat Hatt said...

Very detailed with your words
Must be real hot with no shade for the birds
You can keep that kind of heat
As you make it sound neat
But wouldn't want to live under a sun like that
See it's late but I can still play when I chat..haha

I'm Just a Man (Recording Experiment ... I can't sing)

I am in the mood to change my tree to a cubic version.