Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moon's Eye (magpie 68)

What do you mean the moon can’t see me or who I want to see?
Someone stole the moon’s eye?
How can that be?
How will I know Gigi and I are still connected?
I encourage myself every night with those words.

Old fashioned?
We don’t need the moon’s eye anymore?
Of course I don’t have internet, picture phones, or any other fancy gizmo.
I never needed them.
Are you telling me technology overtook faith?
I’ve always had that saying; the comfort knowing the same eye that saw me could see my Gigi and vice-versa.

Who stole it?
How could a planet steal another planet’s moon eye?
Venus thought it would be a more appropriate place for the eye?
I can’t see Venus like I can the moon.
No I’m not going to buy electronic gadgetry when I have a perfectly worded poem to use.

Now who is looking into this crime?
No one?
Out of our hands?
Its cosmic law and we have no jurisdiction?
And they ruled we have Micrapple Technology and don’t need it anyway?
How insane.

What good is the moon now?
Who need tides when I can’t see my Gigi through the eye of the moon?
We meet on the beach.  I scattered her ashes in the ocean.

I’m not crying.
Have you ever seen the moonlight glimmer off a still ocean night?
The peace it brings?
The moon kept us in touch.

I see the moon,
The moon can see Venus,
And Venus, the bright morning star,
Can see who I want to see,
During certain seasons of the year,
That is.


Kathe W. said...

and we all can stand on the earth looking at the moon and know we are looking at each other.

Everyday Goddess said...

beautifully magical!

there is an old chinese saying that there are red silken ribbons that connect the soles of the feet of destined lovers, and the ribbons originate from the moon.

at least it's something like that, i may have taken a few liberties...

Anonymous said...

The moon's eye...a connection between technology-challenged folks (like me). Great take/write. Vb

Helen said...

When my children and my grandchildren were little tykes I would sing 'I See the Moon' to them endlessly. Your wonderful Magpie took me back to those days .. I see all of my loved ones in the moon! (don't have a Gigi though)

I found that crazy photo when I did a Google search for a Popeye photo. Glad you had a chuckle.

Laurie Kolp said...

A cosmic piece... love how it makes you wonder why.

Ann Grenier said...

I smiled at "Micr(/)apple technology";) Your personal angle is very effective Henry. I see the moon now in the white of the eye and the marble background. I think there is more to find than the readings I have made. Yes we were on the same wavelength.

Tumblewords: said...

What a delightfully huge piece - loved each read!

Olivia said...

What a nice fable woven with words..
A very beautiful read My Dear

Micrapple technology was a nice pun!
Huge hugs xoxox

Other Mary said...

In the midst of your musings the line, 'Are tiy telling me technology overtook faith?' lunges at me. That one will have me tossing and turning tonight. And, there is something magical about the sight of the moonlight glimmering on the still sea; you're right. Whimsical and thoughtful write.

Lyn said...

All connected..always was, always will the ebb and flow of many good bits...

Tess Kincaid said...

Sad and beautiful.

lucychili said...

we are woven into it all
the earth and ash, the planets
perhaps we are the tides
that come and go

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing story very creative I just love the concept

Anonymous said...


Just poking around on your site after your visit to mine...catching some of your work I'd missed. I'm drawn to "moon" poetry...I've posted a few. This one, most recently:

I enjoyed reading this the style of the repetitive questioning...really draws me into the mood of the speaker/author. Well done.

...and...though I replied to your comment on my blog, I'll reiterate it here: thank you! ;)


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