Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Slipping on June sidewalks and falling
Through thin ice in
My life of
Fingers holding on for all they are worth

For Carry on Tuesday #109


Kodjo Deynoo said...

Some times life feels like it is just slipping through our fingers
I like your take on the prompt

Anonymous said...

Great take Henry, and very familiar emotions within....

David said...

I' following you now. I liked this. I like the way you broke up the prompt, and still captured it.

Unknown said...

Love it... I totally feel this way myself lately!

Anonymous said...

nice use of the prompt. i love this, especially ~

"My life of
Fingers holding on for all they are

i understand that all too well.
thank you for visiting my blog.
it's nice to "meet" you. {smile}

Whitesnake said...

good job it was a sidewalk not a lake.......

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