Friday, April 29, 2011

Anonymous (Friday Poetically)

Why can’t I be anonymous?
Why can’t I
hide among two dimensional shadows of shallow minds,
walk in the world of me,
drool, if necessary,
speak French,
cry for independence,
and ignore my fat cat neighbor’s  
                                                 intestinal woes.

I can still be invisible and listen to Jack White’s guitar,
even though Detroit is not synonymous with anonymous,
but the man has a gift of creative riff,
and if I don’t crank
                               too loud,
I can be nameless, still.

I can help the poor with money orders and cash,
and wear a mask to help dig through fallen rubble.
I can even send good luck cards to freedom fighters in trouble,
I can be anonymous, still,
                                        can’t I?

Or would I be a shallow minded
                                                              of self indulgence too?

No, I’m not talking about you.

Hello, my name is Henry Clemmons.  Comment vas-tu?


Brian Miller said...

ha.nice...i think you can still be anonymous...or perhaps humble in all those things you list, not seeking the fame...nice to meet you henry...i know i have been here before but...nice internal rhymes too...

Kim Nelson said...

I am sometimes all of those things you describe. Occasionally I want to step out onto the sidewalk and let my body language shout "Hey! Look at ME!" And then the days exist when I am grateful I can do my own thing, smile at everyone, anyone, drink milky tea and have no-one really notice me. But always, I feel a need to nurture others and give to the extent that I can.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this and the emotional ambiguity you express. I've lived in Detroit and think it's a perfect place to be anonymous, (think, invisible.) Et je vais assez bien pour une vieille, merci. :0)

LeahJ.Lynn said...

Wow, if being anonymous can make write like this than that"s wHat I want to be called.

Matt Coughlan said...

my super power, watch this
you can't see me now


Sally J said...

invisibility - both powerful and a curse at the same time - like the exploration of the theme and the directness of the voice.

all ways 11 o'clock said...

Ha! Henry C.

you rhyme in time
a riff of stripe
to seperate now
would be a crime (i might add)
but anonymous you say
not possible today
as you are here
and we are here
but i know what you mean
there is humble
with head down
yet we see
don't we


Helena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helena said...

Mysterious...I think you can still be anonymous...It's really a choice isn't?

~Thank you for visiting~Nice to meet you Henry.
♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

Aquarius63 said...

Nicely expressed. You can be as you wish, it comes down to choice and ones own will.


hedgewitch said...

So good to see something original like this, not just entertaining, but giving a bit of slice to things, forcing a thought or two, not just playing the sensation harmonica. Enjoyed it much.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Henry. You can be invisible and anonymous if you like, but if you keep slinging words like this, I fear you have little hope of obtaining your objective. You are a unique voice, keep it up. Invisibility is not all that it's craced up to be, lol,


Sean Vessey said...

We need more anon Hero s to dance with evil doers!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Well said, though I can't remember ever wanting to be anonymous. :)

me_duress said...

I love! - to disappear behind shadows, to be left to ones own devices - brilliant :)

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