Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank You (One Stop Poerty Photo Challenge)

Thank you
    for pushing me.

I’d hate to miss Easter services.

I prayed all night
    for help to get there.

I’m surprised no others
    are going,
    unless, I’m late,
    or early.

It is Sunday,
    isn’t it?

I like your after shave,
    so fresh
    like someone left the windows opened last night.
Better than the usual here, you know.

I’ve never seen a volunteer so tall,
    and young.
I don’t understand the sword though.
Are you security?

You know I write poetry?
I see things.
God speaks to me.
I need people to read them.
Could you help me?
It’s been such a battle to get them out of here.

Thank you, Michael.


Anonymous said...

This one made me cry, thank you.

dustus said...

Creative take on the prompt. "I like your after shave, / so fresh / like someone left the windows opened last night." Very cool perspective that reveals a bit of a pleading tone through the questioning. Very well done.

trisha said...

so beautiful and touching. you wrote it very tenderly.

Reflections said...

Touching piece, thank you for sharing.

Brian Miller said...

what an interesting piece, the sword caught me...and then i really like the last stanza...smiles.

Patricia Caspers said...

I was going to comment on the same lines as dustus. Reads to me as a last ride with an angel. Very sweet, in an Easter lily way.

Jingle Poetry said...

This is so lovely sentiments.
well done.

Lolamouse said...

Touching and sad. But also sorta sweet.

Steve Isaak said...

Good, narrator-strong work.

Victoria said...

This is a powerful image of the archangel Michael come to take his poet servant home.

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