Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Not Dreaming Anymore (Tuesday One Stop Poetry)

I’m not dreaming anymore.

I am a player in Dr. King’s sequel.
I am a member of God’s Church.
I am created equal.

I’m not dreaming anymore.

I’m not a token in an organization.
I’m not a statistic to be bussed and moved.
I’m not a minority in a congregation.

I’m not dreaming anymore.

My eyes are blind to all complexions.
I will not judge the color of skin.
I don’t worry with ramifications.

I’m not dreaming anymore.

I toil with my hands.
I patrol the streets of freedom.
I bleed in foreign lands.

I’m not dreaming anymore.

I’m burning my excuses in a new day’s fire.
I’m boycotting false role models.
I’m tuning out the stereotypical liar.

I’m not dreaming anymore.

I’m a pulse in the heartbeat of prayer.
I’m a note in the symphony of brotherhood.
I’m a pronoun in God’s voice declaring I care.

I’m not dreaming anymore.

I’m a part of freedom’s toll.
I am ringing freedom’s bell.
I’m wearing freedom’s clothes.

I’m not dreaming anymore.

I can still feel the crack of a whip and burn of a rope.
I can still feel the sting of a tongue screaming nigger.
Yet, I feel the healing of a sunrise on the strength of a new hope.

I’m not dreaming anymore.

I still hear the shot that silenced a King.
I still hear the prayers of Frederick Douglas.
I still hear Clara Ward sing.

But, I’m not dreaming anymore.

I am free right now.
I am free right now.
Thank God Almighty.
I am free right now.

I’m not dreaming anymore.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm I have a lot to say about this...

hmm maybe because I am from the land of the free where I had not had to dream and just be, I see there is still a lot of reasons to dream in America.

Maybe because every time a patient of mine questions my education, my skills or choose to refuse my being assigned to their care, I realize there is still a lot to dream about and work towards.

Yes it is nice to see some changes but by God, there is a lot left undone, unsaid. Hope that once 2 more generations are gone things would change. Boy could I say a lot!

Sorry but this is a fiery topic for me. I suffer from racism daily

Nice poem!

okoatokewa - the poet said...

Your poems takes the reader down the memory lane, it's good you are free but most people are caged by history than liberating them.

Brian Miller said...

you think this is your worst? would be interesting to hear why...nice rhyming, i like where you go and choose to focus, of course there are other perspectives but...

Anonymous said...

good job henry! my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/springtide/

Mia said...

this has me floored! this is great!thank you for sharing!



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love it.

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