Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dance (fri poetically)

Chidi Okoye

Battle forefront rages
Blazing fires
Flame lit smoke
Framed in
Swirling darkness.

The general
Atop his steed
Sword drawn
Peers rearward
O’er squared shoulders
Toward the dawn.

The moment
Captured on canvas
For eternity.

His love’s eyes flash
Like twin suns
Through the throng
Of faceless patrons
In the art gallery.

She poses in silence
Gloved hands clasped
Eyes fixed
On the distance
Her cheek damp
With one lone tear.

Two separate paintings
Of a final second
Hang on opposite walls.

The General
A moment before death.

His love
A last glimpse
Of her strength.

At night
Ceiling security lights
Create circles
On tiled floor
In the quiet
Empty room.

A Spark
A twinkle
A sprinkle
Of golden dust
Floats from above
To glittered floor.

The general
Dressed in stiff
White shirt
And creased
Black pants
Sheaths his sword
Alights from his stallion
And stands tall
In shinny black boots.

His love
Steps from wooden frame
Straightens flowing
Blue gown
Her smile broadens
A white gloved hand
Wipes the wetness
From powdered rosy cheek.

The General waits
In the light
For his love
Who reaches for his
Scarred hand.

He gently kisses
Her fingers
As he draws her close.

The General
And his love
Dance and twirl
Hearts beating
Lips quivering as they
Step and move
To the melody
Of their love.

The General’s lips
Whisper gently
Softly in his
Love’s ear
“Tell me again
Of your prayer
As I rode to my
Final battle.”

His love’s eyes
As her breath
Speaks in their
“I prayed
To Dance with you
Once again.”

“And you
My love
Your thoughts
As you glanced
Back towards
The dawn.”

The General
Kisses her cheek
And pulls her
Nearer to his heart.
“To dance once more
With my love.”

In the morning
A broom
The mysterious
Gold dust.

The General
Gazes back
At the dawn.

Across the gallery
His love
Prays for
One last dance.

“Until tonight,”
The General
“Until tonight”
His love responds.


Donna B. said...

WOW, WOW, WOW...this is AWESOME! Love the blue painting too. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Just waited till the end...Beautiful..Awe-inspiring..
People say long set of verses normally take off one's so against it! This was beautiful and the painting??...Mesmerizing!!

My favorite part:
“Until tonight,”
The General
“Until tonight”
His love responds.

Claudia said...

oh nice - who knows what in all these museums in the world is going when the lights went down..really nice one henry

Monty said...

"Two separate paintings
Of a final second
Hang on opposite walls"

My favorite image. nice work, Henry. enjoyed it. and yes, longer works still have their places :)


Brian Miller said...

oh ths was a beautiful the romanticism you paint this verse deftly...

Christine said...

A broom sweeps... my favorite line. Gold dust will have a new meaning to me now. This was just beautiful.

Marian said...

love love love this. until tonight!
i can see all of this so clearly. wonderful!
what was your prayer as i rode to my final battle? swoon!

Other Mary said...

I gotta learn how to dance. Lovely.

Kerry O'Connor said...

What a remarkable piece of magical realism - I was caught up in the scenario you created.

laurie kolp said...

Wow- I love this hypnotic and sureal piece.

hedgewitch said...

One of the tests for good writing, I think, is whether the reader feels something at the end of the experience. You have succeeded wildly at this with me. You've made an archetypical ghost story resonate with the particular, and filled it with life.

Anonymous said...

This was a beautiful dance of love Henry, I adore the new look of your blog and the poetry you post here. Really fantastical poem here

Unknown said...

your words sing.
keep loving.


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