Monday, May 2, 2011

Working on It (One Stop Poetry: Picture prompt

Photo by Rosa Frei

You ride waves
    of dried up seas,

No dolphins slicing.
    pink stained
        polished morning glass.

I travel oceans,
    white sails breathing,

No spitting camels,
    gold rolled folds
        of wind shaped sand.

We do share islands,
     cutting storms,
         lonely nights,
             colorful dawns,
                 love for our families.

But you make me uncomfortable, it’s terrible, I know, even unspoken,
    nothing I’m proud of.

So maybe we start with honesty
                                                 and go from there.

I don’t blame you for the most tragic day in my life,
    but the symbols of you,
        good or bad,
            trigger memory in me,
                releasing prejudice,
                                             I wish, I wish, I didn’t have.

But I’m working on it.


hedgewitch said...

We share islands. With such separations between. This is one of the more honest poems I've read for this prompt.

Steve Isaak said...

Blunt, exemplary, one of the best pieces I've read this week.

Claudia said...

i think it's a good idea to start with honesty...and then the roads are wide open...good write henry

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