Thursday, June 9, 2011

Captain Cobb (3 word wednesday)

Note:  The prompts for 3 word wednesday were Alter, Fond and Tranquil; HOWEVER I thought FOND read FOUND and I am not going to re-write this :).  So I'll be two-thirds on topic. lol.

Laura Barbosa
Captain Cobb:  Neptune's Revenge

Drunken song of missing sailors disturb the tranquil sea,
The fog of night its darkness damp sinks hope they will be found,
Hope is weighed with anchor low on ocean’s rocky floor,
No lantern lit or captain’s wit can alter future gore.

The pirates’ skiff, a creeping crypt of killers, floats a stern,
It won’t be long; there’ll be no song from sailors lost at sea,
Their treasure chest of golden coin will sail with Captain Cobb,
Tranquil corpses found afloat won’t alter pirates’ greed.

Captain Cobb will sail away with treasure not his own,
But Neptune’s might and anger flamed will alter plans of foul,
A giant wave from tranquil seas will swamp the pirates’ ship,
The gold will sink on Cobb’s wet grave by no man to be found.


Kwee Lewis said...

Wow. "The pirates’ skiff, a creeping crypt of killers, floats a stern," I love the image my mind congers up from this. And, "The gold will sink on Cobb’s wet grave by no man to be found." Makes me think, isn't this the outcome we most often see (or wish to see) of a treasure gained by greed? This is good, 2/3rd on topic or not. Thank you. Oh, and I love the picture of the tree. That is just fantastic.

Altonian said...

Well, Well, Well! Join the club - I too misread alter as after, so I only did 2/3rd of the prompts.
Never mind, you were quite right not to change your excellent, atmospheric poem.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful..what a myth..the image is as fantastic too..Jae ;) (as in pirate's eye patch)

Ren said...

Totally, totally enjoyed this!

Anonymous said...

This is masterfully written =) I love the dark imagery and the atmosphere

earlybird said...

A gory scene! I agree with Kwee Lewis on the two lines quoted above. Really good. I also like the repetition of hope in the first verse, effectively killing hope.

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

Delicious imagery in this one.I loved this one.

ThomG said...

Your piece is totally absorbing. Really well done.

Jessica Prescott said...

I suppose it serves Captain right, lol

Cynthia said...

A most excellent slice of prose,
you are talented.

gsb3 said...

This is a wonderful creepy story, and well told.

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I am in the mood to change my tree to a cubic version.