Friday, June 17, 2011

Sky Hole

James Rosenquist

My arm stretched through a dark hole in night skies

Shocked colors - red flowers - twin eyes - alive
Aqua streaks - splash bold - bare exposed - star light
Complex - explosions - hope mirrors - birth life

I saw within dark holes - spectrums of blue
Palettes of memories - of morning’s moist dew
I could’ve been sucked in -
But pulled love back through

The dark hole couldn’t hold you, the colors are proof

Red flower’s - - twin eyes
Aqua streaks - - splash bold
Complex - - explosions
Birthed spectrums - - I hold

My arm stretched through - - a dark hole - - in night skies

For Friday Poetically with Brian Miller at One Stop Poetry


Brian Miller said...

this has a fantastic rhythm to it and a great beat...very nicely done sir...quite creative as well...

flaubert said...

Very well put to the painting, Henry.


Victoria said...

Just brilliant, Henry. I sense you have some background in art. You allowed the painting to draw you in.

Brian Miller said...

i will work on the sir...smiles.

Henry Clemmons said...

Ha, kool, I was kinda kidding in a kinda kidding sort of way. But if the best wants to call me sir, that's kool too. I just want to still read and learn ur stuff and have u keep payin me visits. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna said...

This was very well done! Enjoyed your interpretation of this art; you seemed to be a part of this, like a story being told. I love the "red flowers- twin eyes".
And also, the tree slide show is stunning. Congrats on your 2 month blogversary!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I'm amazed by what you saw in this painting... the colours are so vibrant, and I love the idea of a hole in the sky (kind of wish I'd thought of it myself)

Claudia said...

you're splashing the words like the colors are splashed on the painting...great flow and beat to this henry!

barbara said...

Neat. You really look at what's in front of you. (I'm more like: oh, pretty, red flowers, bye) Your style does a nice echo of the splash and swirl of the painting. enjoyed

Mark Kerstetter said...

The bright sharp imagery and staccato rhythm of your poem nicely matches the feel of Rosenquist's work.

Elaine Danforth said...

A great adventure of emotion and mystery in the dark outer reaches. The feeling of the glimpsing and the not quite reaching and touching as desired comes through very strongly in your poem.

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