Sunday, June 26, 2011

El Amor - Nuevo Dia

Mexican Sunrise by Adam Romanowicz

Los colores rosa
Dawn’s blushing colors
La salida del sol

La gracia
   of grace
   taste like the first kiss
   of a beautiful woman
Tiernos labios de un beso suave

Pan fresco de aroma
   serving the fusion of fresh bread with melting butter and honey.
La fusión de la mantequilla caliente y miel


El amor
The love
Nuevo día
New day

For One Stop Poetry: Sunday Photo Challenge


tarunima said...

"Dawns blushing colors of grace taste like the first kiss of a beautiful woman"

Anonymous said...

May I just say....Liiiiiiiick! hehehe

Roll me in that honey of color and waking, taste me tasting you whew! :D

Monika said...

Admirably elegant. Perfect imagery and then the words say it all.

Anonymous said...

Now this was delightful.. I appreciate the way you wrote in Enlish & Spanish ti match your prompt.


Anonymous said...

Caru'r diwrnod newydd!

Claudia said...

i love that you wrote in spanish and english and called my daughter to translate...and then discovered it is already labios de un beso suave...just playing this song "besame mucho" on my sax..

Henry Clemmons said...

@Claudia: combinar una de mis canciones favoritas, con este instrumento q me pone los pelos de punta, me emocionaaa!

I bet you play it beautifully. I should write a poem to it. A great slow dance. A smooth wine. A slight flicker of candle. A very mood seeting song.

Glynn said...

The blending of Spanish and English, wrapping around the image, the words - beautiful, sensuous.

dustus said...

Top notch linguistic infusion creating wordplay with great imagery. Sharp poetry.

Brian Miller said...

i will take some of that fresh bread and a beautiful play with the languages...

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

Like the poem and enjoyed the song. thanks

flaubert said...

Nicely played mix of English and Spanish, Henry. I love Spanish!


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