Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Foxglove White (one shot wednesday)

I am in the mood for a cup of tea
Sleep’s been mocking

Nights have been long
Even in spring’s corner of the year

Foxglove White is the finest brew
For longest rest

I yearn for

I yearn for

My heart’s weak
Takes breaks between beats

Voice and vision taunt
Sanity bleeds
Grief’s cutting lashes

A child laughs
Under green trees over green grasses
Swings in warmth
Below a deceitful sun

Joyfully singing near
Too near
Foolishly near
Where my Foxglove White
Still grows

The poisonous plant
For one reason

I am in the mood
For a cup
Of its tea

I cover my ears
With trembling hands
Under blue moon light

Her final song
Stabs like knives
And over
And over
Each night

I’m so tired
So very tired

I don’t believe
In green anymore
The sun’s a liar

I want to savor the flavor of Foxglove white
Before dawn birds take flight

I’ll sleep

My rest steeps in steam
For the final dream

But again
I can’t drink its pleasure

A breeze from the underside of green
Let the cup cool

And again
I can’t sip death’s release

I’m in the mood
You keep sitting next to me
Wanting me to believe
Once again

Each night I choose
Not knowing why

One day
I’ll understand why you didn’t leave
The fragrance of your breeze
Why you hold my hand
Why you love me
Why you believe in me

One day
I’ll thank you
One day
I will


Claudia said...

foxglove the use of colors in this henry..thick with raw emotions and restlessness....

moondustwriter said...

This piece would be one of those poems in college that each student could pick out a different piece of symbolism.
For me- I see a bride's veil in the foxglove and though she is poison to many she is also a form of love

Brian Miller said...

haunting for sure...the sun's a liar is a great off beat line that adds much to the symbolism in this...dancing at the edge of crazy...

Natasha said...

Well...this is a wow moment! From the image and the title, throughout the beautifully penned dialogue, this piece is haunting and dark, but at the same time, beautiful and romantic. A difficult combination at the best of times to pull of without sounding like a romance novel. Maybe my new favorite round these parts! Awesome!

Poets United said...

Cool - this would make a fine song. Oh those foxgloves, useful...beautiful.

Eclipse said...

What a metaphor Henry....and the imagery, words...the poem is absolutely one of my favorites over here. Great write!

hedgewitch said...

Being a gardener down deep in my bones, this poem particularly pleases--o yes, the foxglove, the indigo monk's hood--they are seductive as the amanita in name and beauty, and that along with the emotion makes a very effective brew for your narrative here. I especially like the way you've chosen to put such irony even into the resolution...very satisfying write.

mrs mediocrity said...

One day, you will. the tease of foxglove tea is steeped in false promises, keep choosing life, it's far more honest.
i really love the way you write.

Wine and Words said...

I was reading this while listening to "Sparrow". Perfectly complimentary. A beautifully dark journey. Perhaps it is fiction, but I can relate. Each night I choose life, among other necessities. Perhaps you might like the cello here

Anonymous said...

Foxglove White is a wonderful working title, and rather wondered where you'd take it knowing its deathly heritage.
" My rest steeps in steam
For the final dream"
...really a brilliant couplet, that one (many others, but this is my fave) Wonderful write ~

lucychili said...

like hedgewitch i love the way the garden weaves into the poem.

Elipse said...

Olivia said...

The sun's a liar..?
very unique! I loved the composition.. has many shades to it.

Death is not the answer.. perhaps fighting is! That's what I have chosen just yet again.. I am thankful already..

Love..? Haven't been there ever..

Hugs xoxox

Anonymous said...

One many hopes. A beautiful weave of nature in this, soundly composed with solid metaphor. Symbolic and emotional, and well-writ throughout. Finely done.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful love poem wrought with
tenderness and hope.I hope you do thank her one day.

Daitura Lily

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