Monday, June 13, 2011

Rain Check

Sarah Joncas

I’m not in the mood for alluring
Or enchanting this evening
Or stories of devious torsos contorted in sensuous twists of flesh
I don’t want my fantasy wish to come true
Especially involving the lotus position
And its kinship with other bold and strange offers of seduction
I am actually inspiring some other bed sharing activity
I’m tired
My job is sucking life out a drop at a time
But can I get a rain check?

For Wordle 8, The Sunday Whirl


Mary said...

Ah, Henry,you made wonderful use of the wordle words here! The ending cracked me up!

brenda w said...

Excellent writing. My eye kept returning to those darn millipedes. Disturbing little buggers. I hope your week finds a bit of time for relaxation. You can be alluring later. ;-)

Victoria said...

Never would have guessed this is a wordle. So well done, Henry...and "relatable."

Pat Cegan said...

mmmmmm....perhaps it is time for a career change? I am still laughing. Good job, though the critters look like things I encounter here in the Brazilian floresta. Today is my first visit to your blog. Pretty weird, no wonder I love it. Great poetry, too. Hugs, pat

flaubert said...

Not sure how those "rain checks" work out¿ Good use of the words, Henry.


Anonymous said...

A cri de coeur with humour, the perfect combination.

I know just how you feel about sleep!

Other Mary said...

Yea, sometimes that's just the way it is...still, it's always an adventure bedding down with milipedes!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my cries for sleep. But I'm older so I took care of the problem by retiring from the job that stressed me so much I couldn't sleep. Some day, Henry!
I suspect everyone can relate to your poem.

Mr. Walker said...

Henry, enjoyed this very much. I like the persona you've adopted in this poem. And such a strong voice it is. I think she'll get the rain check she asked for.


Anonymous said...

Well done...the words so naturally fit together in this that I almost forgot I was reading one of the wordle poems!

Mike Patrick said...

Henry, I’m not sure you are a wordsmith as much as you are a word juggler. Wordsmiths don’t have this much fun. Delightful.

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