Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inky Spin (Wordle 7)

Sarah Joncas

Inky Spin is a rock star
Not so common in a suburbia kind of way

Sexy and famous in darkened arenas
Her arms scared with bites of purple blaze
To help her lyrical intercourse with the stage
Gaudy and unafraid
Inky rocks

Her latest single was called, “Undulate”
She had no idea what it meant
But loved the way it sound sung sultry
While she undulated under spotlight’s glaze
Gaudy and unafraid


There’ve been murmurs from her entourage
Inky’s lost her mind and cries when she’s alone
Her moral compass spins uncontrolled
Chambered in the dark abyss of echoed fading cheers

Inky Spin was a Rock Star
So very common in a meteorite kind of way


irene said...

I enjoyed your portrait of a rock star. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Hello...nice to meet you, Henry, and to read your work.

Thanks for visiting my site...hadn't made my way here, I've just read that you enjoy art...and cello music. In case you haven't been there, Writer's Island had a visual prompt a couple weeks ago. There was a cello in the picture. Here's my response to the prompt (you'll find a link at the end of my piece, to the prompt site): Love's Serenade.


Anonymous said...

Henry, I love this.I love the story you wrapped around the words. And I like the choices you made as to how to use some of the more difficult words. Great fun!

Marianne said...

Impressive use of the wordle words ... quite a picture you've painted for us of a rock star's world.

flaubert said...

Excellent story you've written here, Henry.


lucychili said...

sad. hopefully there is an inky revival
without fear

Mike Patrick said...

Update: Inky is in her seventh goodbye tour, rehab worked, appearing in your area soon.
Henry, you have a great imagination. Wonderful use of a wordle.

Mary said...

Ah, yes, many of these rising stars are much like meteorites...having a quick crash to earth after their brief sojourn in the skies. Not so Lady Ga Ga though!

Elizabeth said...

Henry love your creative and imaginative take on the prompt. Inky is someone we see everyday and the song "Undulate" is one of my favorites. Also really like the image. Such fun you had with this wordle. Keep it up,


Mr. Walker said...

Henry, a great take on those wordle words. I liked "Inky Spin" as her name and the way you repeated gaudy and unafraid. Well told!


Claudia said...

wow - you captured her well henry...guess we all know some of them..

Christine said...

Very sad tale, flowed wonderfully and real.

I'm Just a Man (Recording Experiment ... I can't sing)

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