Sunday, June 12, 2011

Maybe Tonight

Oscar Burriel

Sleepy eyes blink slower
The lower I sink
Below layers
Of silk

As whirling ceiling fans
Circular cool air
Chill my head
In the center
Of our bed

I whisper prayers
Silent cares
Yawn an amen
And sigh your name
Again and again
Until I fade

In deserts dry
I dream and drift
In the fracture
Of another day missed
Without your lips
Moist kiss

Dawn rays
Once more
Your cool pillow
Without your face
In sight

Maybe tonight

For One Single Impression Prompt 172 "Long For" And for Poetry Pantry 53


Ramesh Sood said...

Very intense.. God bless..

Andy said...

Hope she returns soon.

Penned beautifully.

Christine said...

Once again I am entranced by your words.

Amity said...

It's beautiful!
The thoughts of yearning of her...I could even feel the intense feeling, that longing! Great rendition here!


Jingle said...

perfect simmering,
love the imagery.

Short Poems said...

What a marvellous piece of work!

Haiku Poems

Pat Cegan said...

I love how you convey so much with so few words and your form is interesting, too. I am new to poetry so am intrigued by your work. I have much to learn, I see. Hugs, pat

Jessica Prescott said...


Harshad mehta said...

Oh, can feel that longing deeply! Lovely piece.

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